Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sexy bloggers and the new Manchester United replica shirt

Q: How many Man U fans does it take to change a light bulb?
A: 560,001. That is 1 to change it, 60,000 to say they've been changing it for years and 500,000 to buy the replica kit.

Another year. Another Premiership title for Manchester United. And sexy bloggers walking around in their Man U replica shirts as if they were Mancunians:

 Amanda Choe A “red-hot” Amanda Choe

 Elaine Yuki How did the lovely Elaine Yuki manage to get Ronaldo’s shirt off his back? No please…don’t answer that…

As the sale of these expensive shirts generates a lot of income for Manchester United, it is little wonder the club likes to change its replica kit every season. But for the new 2009/10 football season I think the club has got it horribly wrong. Just look at this:

 Manchester United replica shirt Yucks!!!! Is this the new Manchester United replica shirt for the 2009/10 season or a schoolgirl uniform?

Manchester United say the design is supposed to be a modern remake of the historic kit from 1909 (the year in which the club won its first major trophy). But with a shirt like that, why bother digging up the past? Look forward instead and don’t embarrass yourself.

As for the sexy bloggers, I can’t imagine many of them will want to wear one either. But how will they show to everyone they are Man U fans if they are not wearing a replica shirt? Well, Sindy Ang thinks she knows – just be a real Red Devil instead! Hahaha!

 Sindy Ang Sindy Ang is a real Red Devil and doesn’t need a replica shirt!


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