Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fay Hokulani and snakes

I’ve never seen a snake in Singapore and I would never expect to.

So I was really surprised to come across this Singapore snake blog which states that 94 different species of snakes can be found in the country!

There are many types of snake that can be found in Singapore – from the “black headed collared snake” to the dangerously sounding “spitting copra” and the bizarrely named “dog toothed cat snake” – but the most common type of snake is the “common trouser snake” (Expecteria Trouserius).

Unlike most other snakes, the common trouser snake is generally a docile and flaccid fellow, but occasionally it can be tempted to come out of its hiding place, and when it does so, it takes on a whole new personality, becoming extremely excited and hyperactive. It also blushes a deep shade of purple.

The trouser snake ejects a unique type of venom, which although not poisonous, can have life changing affects on its victim. The venom is rich in nutrients but rarely drunk due to its salty taste.

Like most snakes, the trouser snake should be “milked” on a regular basis in order to keep it happy. This process usually takes about 20 minutes, although it can vary considerably depending on the age of the snake.

But however much you love trouser snakes you should still be careful what you do with them:

snakes through noseBe careful which holes you put them in

Snakes are also extremely popular as pets, and the voluptuous Singapore model Fay Hokulani even has two!

 Fay Hokulani Fay Hokulani loves to get her hands on a couple of nice long snakes

However, snakes are not like dogs and don’t need to be taken around with you. If you go to the beach, for example, just leave them at home.

 Fay Hokulani
The delicious Fay Hokulani has left her snakes at home


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