Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who wants to “shoot with” Jenna Chan?

Jenna Chan’s nude photos don’t surprise me at all.

What’s the big deal?, I say. After all, this is 2008 and not 1608. And as we’ve stopped burning people for being witches we should also stop persecuting young ladies for posing in the nude. Simple as that really.

But what does surprise me is Jenna Chan’s advertising pitch on her modelling webpage. And here I quote:

If you would like to shoot with me, please include in your query:
1) time/date
2) location
3) concept (high-fashion, casual, avant-garde, nude, etc.)
4) mua and/or wardrobe provided or not

Would like to shoot with me. WTF!!! What the heck does she mean by that? I mean does she really mean that or not? Cos if she does, she’s gonna get an awful lot of takers (or should that be givers? Hahaha!)

 Jenna Chan Jenna Chan has now gained entry into Singapore’s “topless hall of fame” along with other notables such as Adeline Teo, the FHM girl-next-door and Daphne Ang, Singapore’s cavorting gymnast.

And I was also surprised by these pics of Jenna Chan:

 Jenna Chan Hey everyone, ... look at me!!

Yeah, Jenna Chan can’t do gymnastics like Daphne Ang, but she can stand on one foot and do a muscle pose! What a talented girl! Hahaha!


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