Monday, February 2, 2009

Amanda Choe: a sexy blogger with attitude

Amanda Choe is a spunky young Malaysian blogger with loads of attitude – and I might well imagine – an absolute nightmare for her parents!

 Amanda Choe
Visit her strangely named blog “the opposite of chocolate” and you are greeted with an image of the young thing in a rather – how might we say – interesting pose. It doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination and probably goes a long way as to explaining why over 731,383 male visitors visited her blog last week compared to only three females (and one of those was her Mum).

Besides her photogenic qualities, it’s also nice to report that Amanda can write a bit as well – although a lot of it is typical of what sexy bloggers in this part of the world post about: gadgets, clothes, fashion, food etc.

But in her own inimitable style, Amanda churns out some interesting posts that are written with plenty of attitude, and which most importantly, come straight from her heart.

But I’m not too keen on her taste in football clubs:

 Amanda Choe That’s a terrible shirt Amanda! Remove it at once!

And hasn’t anyone told you that you that there’s an economic crisis going on at the moment and that you don’t have to waste money on ridiculously expensive new kits every season? No, simply strap a large inflatable penis to your forehead, and everyone will immediately know which team you support! Hahaha!

 Amanda Choe
I’m sorry Amanda! I was only joking! Wait a few minutes and I’ll find you a Chelsea shirt instead!!! :)


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