Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jamie Yeo and the BIG orgasm

Sexy Singapore blogger Jamie Yeo has said the unthinkable – she had her first orgasm at the age of six!

But then again so what!!!!

Because if she wants to reveal to the Singapore public that she’s been engaging in finger-rubbing activities since a young age then good for her!

But what I find surprising is her confession that she “once stared death in the face”.

So what did she face exactly? Was she perhaps trapped in a fire? Or did she contract a life threatening disease?

No, not at all! In her own words:

Although it's not a happy memory, I'd still cherish it for the lesson it taught me. My ex-boyfriend and I were quarreling in the car while racing down the BKE. In the heat of anger, I stepped on the accelerator and hit well over a hundred km on the speedometer. He ordered me to stop. I yelled NO and pushed harder on the gas. He repeated his order. I refused him and carried on stepping on it. He was furious. And in a moment of utter stupidity and insanity, pulled the handbrake up while the car was still going above a hundred. That abrupt braking caused the car the careen across the highway, slam against the divider and then spin across all four lanes into the road shoulder. Miraculously, we got out of the car unscathed. Every time I remember the incident, I thank God that I'm still alive and well. That distinct memory reminds me that life is precious and no matter how upset, depressed or crazy I am, Someone's always looking out for me and wants me to be happy.

WTF!!!!!!! I am speechless, no wordless!!!!

So she put innocent people’s lives at risk by putting her foot down on the accelerator and that’s a happy memory?!!

That’s really silly, Jamie, that’s what that is. Really, really, silly.

And she wonders why she doesn’t get any roles as a football presenter that “require deep insight or analysis" but is just there as the “eye-candy”.

Well could it be that she hasn’t been using her brain?

 Jamie Yeo Please Jamie, THINK before you write, or just use your fingers for other things besides writing. Rub, rub…No stop Jamie, STOP! STOPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!


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