Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time for Vanessa Tay to take off her bikini

Vanessa Tay has always maintained that she is highly jealous of Xiaxue’s dominance in the Singaporean blogosphere.

“Why am I not as popular as Xiaxue,” she bitterly complains.

Well, she could be of course.

All she has to do is put two and two together.

Or more specifically:

Jealous boyfriend + camera = leaked nude photos and fame (plus more hits on your homepage than you could ever imagine).

So come on Vanessa. Now is the time to strip off and get some hot action shots done before you dump that “boyfriend” of yours.

No Vanessa, a bikini shot is NOT enough. It’s all or nothing in this game – well actually nothing! - and if you are really serious in your quest to become Singapore’s most popular blogger you know what to do…


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