Thursday, May 14, 2009

Belinda Soon and the V shape

Have you noticed that when geese are flying during migration they make a "V" shape?

I’m sure you have.

But why do they do that? Is it because they think they are a squadron of fighter planes or something? After all, wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier for them to just fly in a single line or in a scattered bunch? But oh no – they’d rather be all artsy and fly in a nice “V” shape instead! Cocky little buggers, geese! And what’s more, how do they decide which goose flies at the front? By drawing straws?!!!!!!

And if you look more closely, you’ll notice that one side of the "V" is always longer than the other side! Amazing huh? And do you want to know why?

Well, because there are more birds on the longer side!


And talking of V shaped birds, here’s a lovely picture of one of my favourite Singaporean idols - the simply smoking hot Belinda Soon:

 Belinda Soon A well trained bird spotter will have no difficulty in spotting her lovely V


cute V shape , ypur comparision is intelligent.

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