Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leng Yein, Beyonce and dumb Malaysia

It’s good to see people standing up for what they believe in. So I was real glad to see that the bootylicious singer Beyonce has finally cancelled her Malaysian show after the authorities there had previously ordered her to cover up and wear “conservative clothing”.

Stuff that for a laugh! As if a woman in the 21st century can’t wear what she wants!

And anyway, what’s the point of going to a Beyonce concert in the first place if you can’t see her perform her outrageous onstage antics? What are the Malaysians actually thinking? That people would go along merely to hear her sing? Hahaha!

But while Beyonce won’t be going to Malaysia, at least they still have the wonderful Leng Yein.

And while she may not be as good a singer as Beyonce, the busty Leng can certainly hold her own in other respects!!! Hahaha!

Leng Yein is as boobalicious as Beyonce!


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