Thursday, June 4, 2009

Merry Chen and being a doctor

You are feeling a lot of pain all over and you go to your doctor for a check up:

 Merry Chen
Doctor: Where are you hurting?
You: You have to help me, I hurt all over
Doctor: What do you mean, all over?..."be a little more specific."
You: Like I said, all over.
Doctor: Ok – touch your right knee.
You: (you touch your right knee with your index finger) Ouch!!!
Doctor: Now touch your left check.
You: Ouch!!!
Doctor: Now touch your ear.
You: Ouch!!!
Doctor: Hmmm…

…You have a broken finger.


But I tell you what - if Merry Chen did become a doctor, she’d have a lot of patients.

And cases of groin strain among males living in Singapore would probably go up by about by 847 percent.

Doctor, I wonder if you could examine me….

 Merry Chen Who wouldn’t want to be examined by the lovely Merry Chen?


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