Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chantel Chua and having your arms crossed

I’ve got a bunch of female friends.

And a few of them are surprised that guys are not hitting on them when they are out.

“Why is this?” they complain.

And then I tell them. Be more approachable.

Because guys don’t hit on women who are not approachable. Sure you may be sexy as hell, but if you’re putting on a miserable face then guys will just leave you alone.

Take the situation when a guy goes into a bar and sees a bunch of hot women standing across from him.

First he will try to catch the eye of one of the women. He will then smile.

But before approaching her, he will ask himself some questions. Does she look happy? Is she drinking? Is she French kissing her female friends? Are her arms crossed?

Why does he ask these questions? Well, to know if the girl is approachable or not.

If she’s not drinking, then she has probably been dragged along by her mates and isn’t there because she wants to be (in other words she’s a bore).

But if the girl is kissing her female friends, then he’ll think she might want to get frisky with him as well (assuming the girl’s not a lesbian of course).

And if the girl is crossing her arms like Chantel Chua? Well, that’s not good and shows she isn’t interested in the guy at all! So there’s no reason for the guy to approach her. He’d only be wasting his time…

 Chantel Chua If you cross your arms like this, you will scare guys away

Another way to let a guy know you are not approachable: tell him to shut up

Ahh!! This is better!! Stand like this and you will get much more attention! Hahaha!!!!!


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