Sunday, February 8, 2009

The bendable delights of Daphne Ang

Daphne Ang is a bit like that Elastigirl chick in the Pixar Film “The Incredibles”. But for some reason or another, lovely Daphne prefers NOT to wear clothes when she is contorting her wonderfully malleable body:

Now this could prove to be a bit of a problem when trying to catch the baddies. But on the other hand, of course, it may actually be a clever ploy on her part: her evil adversaries simply rooted on the spot - not in that sense, of course! - by her stupendously sexy curves. She wouldn’t even have to fight them would she?

And besides being as bendable as a Barbie doll, gorgeous Daphne also has a liking for tattoos:

But hold on a sec: aren’t tattoos usually on the bad guys? So is she perhaps not a superhero fighting for truth and justice but instead an accomplice of the evil Syndrome who has set his sights on ruling the world?

Well, I hope not of course. Cos evil never wins out in the end!


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