Monday, January 12, 2009

Zhang Ziyi caught topless!

As China continues its crack down on internet pawn, the inevitable happens – that country’s most celebrated vixen, the celebrated actress Zhang Ziyi, is caught taking off her red bikini and lying face down, with her buttocks being stroked and “nuzzled” by her fiancé (Vivi Nevo, a wealthy Israeli investor).

 Zhang Ziyi

 Zhang Ziyi

..................Slurp… Yum Yum…

Chinese netizens were not sympathetic towards Zhang, however, accusing her of being a shameless exhibitionist even though she was completely unaware that she was being photographed.

 Zhang Ziyi We can see you, but you can't see us!

What’s more they said, “just look at the meagre size of her assets”.

'Her figure is really poor and she really showed off her weaknesses. She should be more considerate towards the sentiments of the public,' said one Chinese man.

“It’s an embarrassment!”, added another. “If you ain’t got it, how can you flout it?”

“This will only enforce the stereotype that Chinese women are flat-chested”, complained one women. “it’s so sad.”


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