Monday, July 27, 2009

Willynn Ng and multitasking

As I was being driven to Changi Airport on Sunday, I looked over to the right and there was some chick with her face pushed right up close to the rear-view mirror cos she was putting on eyeliner.

Nothing strange about that you might think - and there wouldn’t have been if she was the passenger - but she wasn’t: this chick was doing the driving!!!!


I could hardly believe it and was instantly reminded of a girl I once dated who would, quite oblivious to the risks she was taking, send SMS messages while driving quite merrily on an open freeway (I just kept my head in my hands praying for a red traffic light so she would have to stop the car).

Anyway, after a short while, I looked back again and this chick was now putting on her makeup!


Anyway, this really freaked me out - causing me to drop my handphone into the cup of coffee between my legs, causing the damn phone to go dead and thereby disconnecting my call to the person at the airport I was supposed to pick up.


 Willynn Ng Willynn Ng is sitting in the passenger seat and not driving – which is just as well as it looks like she is naked and needs to get dressed! Hahaha!

 Willynn Ng
Willynn Ng demonstrates her female multitasking abilities by taking a dog for a walk while participating in a FHM lingerie show.

 Willynn Ng
Looking damn hot in her bikini. What more can you say?


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