Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jennise Ng and two women in one bed

The great thing about a fantasy is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

For some it may involve the use of a construction crane or cucumbers.

Others, meanwhile, may dream of dalliances with famous film or pop stars, and a few - mostly politicians - want to dress up in black leather costumes and be whipped senseless by young women wearing suspenders.

Some – like the Italians – may even have fantasies involving lesbian escort girls. Hands up Berlusconi!

But fantasies are never supposed to be acted on (whatever the Italians might tell you!) and that is why the more crazy they are, the better.

And as for the number-one male fantasy?

Well, two women in one bed of course!

As perfectly illustrated by Jennise Ng and her lovely twin sister Jennifer…

 Jennise Ng Sexy Jennise Ng and her sister getting the sheet ready before they go to bed

 Jennise Ng They are being very naughty here and seem to be ready to take their tops off before bedtime!

 Jennise Ng At last! The two girls in bed – but only Jennise wants to sleep it seems – her sister is still sitting up. I wonder what it is she wants? A goodnight cup of cocoa, perhaps? Hahaha!!


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