Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who killed K. Sujatha?

K. Sujatha

Elementary my dear Malaysian!

But maybe not so simple for the Malaysian authorities.

Because K. Sujatha died two years ago, and it’s only now that the Coroner’s Court has finally fixed a date (March 16 to 18) for the inquest into the Indian actress’ death!

So was she killed? Or did she kill herself? Well, the Malaysian authorities always seem to have difficulties when it comes to cases like this, but is the case really so hard to solve? Well, I don’t think so – and especially if we apply the astute use of observation, deductive reasoning and inference to solve the case, as a great detective like Sherlock Holmes would.

Okay so what do we definitely know?

Well, we know that:

1) Paraquat was found at the scene.
2) Paraquat is a weed killer pesticide used in plantations.
3) Consumption of Paraquat will kill you.
4) K. Sujatha was also the personal secretary of a senior minister’s son
5) K. Sujatha called her uncle two days before she was admitted to the hospital, sounding worried and allegedly telling him there were people trying to harm her.

Okay. So Paraquat was found at the scene. So did she consume it? Well according to the authorities, yes. So then the question is did she commit suicide? Or instead did someone force her to drink it or perhaps she drank it by accident?

Well, Paraquat doesn’t taste nice and you couldn’t mix it into a drink like you can with some poison tablets. And you also couldn’t force someone to drink it – they would refuse and fight back. So we can therefore say that she drank it voluntarily.

But what about the evidence provided by her uncle you say? Well that’s hearsay. He said she was worried that people were trying to harm her. But that doesn’t mean she was killed. Because you can’t force someone to drink Paraquat. If someone wants to murder someone, they would try to shoot them, push them out of a window, or perhaps run them over. But they wouldn’t try and force them to drink a weed killer.

So what pushed her to take her life?

Well, that is more difficult to answer of course. But there are plenty of questions that need to be asked. Like was there a suicide note? As for the “political link” it doesn’t prove anything. And if she had been a threat, then why didn’t she say something before she was killed? After all, her uncle said she was worried before she was killed that people were going to harm her. So why didn’t she tell him why?

Would Sherlock Holmes be thinking along similar lines? Well I think he would…


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