Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sexy bloggers ® of Singapore: is your current relationship going to last?

Over at Samantha’s For the Love of Womenkind blog, I was intrigued to read in a posting she made that she appears to have dumped her boyfriend:

dissolved right before my eyes...

goodbye baby...4 yrs 11mnths and 21 days.

jus days to our fifth year together. I hate to leave but I will.

Thank you my sweetest love. Forever.

Oh my God! What a poor guy. Hell, women always accuse us guys of being insensitive and what has Samantha just gone and done? Told the whole world that she has chosen to dump her “baby” just before their fifth anniversary! And in a blog posting as well!!! Oh the embarrassment!!!

But it did make me think a bit. I mean there must be other sexy bloggers out there who are neglecting their boyfriends as well. And YOU may even be one of them. So is your relationship at risk of falling apart? Well, simply take the questionnaire I prepared to find out!

Questionnaire for sexy bloggers ® of Singapore to see if your current relationship is going to last

1) How often do you “cam whore”?
A – Always – I love it!
C - Seldom
B - Only when I'm on the “periodical”

2) When your boyfriend takes you out for an expensive romantic meal do you:
A – Thank him for giving you the opportunity to take lots of food pictures for your blog
C – Look forward to it and dress up especially for the occasion
B – Say to him: I want to stay at home because I’ve another blog post to get done!

3) How many online “boyfriends” do you have?
B – 6-10
C – 1-5
A – 11-500

4) Does your boyfriend have a really nice dick?
C – Yes!!!
B – It’s not bad but it could be better
A – You’ve never seen it because you are so busy blogging

5) Would you ever allow your boyfriend to borrow your mobile phone?
B – Only if he uses it while you are there with him
C - Yes
A – No way! Imagine if he reads the flirty SMS messages you’ve sent!

6) Which of the following do you spend more time on?
B – Surfing Facebook to check out hunky guys
C – Speaking on the phone to your real boyfriend?
A – Emailing your online “boyfriends”


Mostly As – Your relationship is in deep trouble
You are so busy blogging and online that you barely notice your boyfriend. So don’t be surprised to find out that he’s been cheating on you :(

Mostly Bs – Early signs of trouble
There are some problems but it’s still not too late to save your relationship. But act soon. Otherwise you’re gonna lose him.

Mostly Cs – You have a good relationship
Well done! You are a caring and sensitive women who appreciates your boyfriend. Your relationship is bound for great things!

And as for lovely Samantha? Well, she’s gonna appear in the March edition of HOTSTUFF!!!

Nice! I wonder if she’s looking for a new boyfriend now? :)


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