Monday, March 16, 2009

Jaclyn Ng & Cassandra Leong win the best boobs challenge!

"I hope people realize that there is a brain underneath the hair and a heart underneath the boobs."
>Dolly Parton

The place to be last Friday was Tangs Orchard where Triumph held their wonderfully named “Instant Cleavage Challenge”:

Five pairs of contestants were fitted with the bust-enhancing bras, and tasked with putting together an outfit that would best complement their "assets" in 20 minutes.

A mad dash ensued at Tangs Orchard, as 10 girls raced through the store excited in search of dresses, shoes and accessories, and changed into them in record time.

And the winners?

Wait for it…

drumroll please…

Jaclyn Ng and Cassandra Leong!!!!

Jaclyn Ng & Cassandra LeonA nice pair of girls with a nice pair of boobs!

So well done to them. But hold on a sec. Jaclyn Ng? That name sounds familiar… hmmm…. Oh, now I remember! She was the lass who was the first runner up in “bum of the year” back in September 2008!

note: Jaclyn Ng was innocent… Once


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