Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jessica Tan: going back in time to 2007

As I’ve said before, I’ve only been in Singapore for 6 months, but boy has the time passed by fast!

I’m not sure why this is - and whether it is because I am just having a good time, or conversely, because I am just too damn busy to notice the persistent sands of time slip slowly through my hands…

But time does seem to pass more quickly here. Maybe it’s because there aren’t the seasons to remind you of the ebb and flow of the year – from the blooming flowers of spring, to long summer days and then the melancholy of autumn and then, finally, the coldness and darkness of winter.

Because here in Singapore it is always hot and you’re never really aware what time of the year it is. Sure there is the monsoon season, but apart from the rain of course, it could still be any time of the year - January is basically no different from July.

And as for time passing by very quickly, who can ever forget the 2007 Miss Universe competition?

It seems like just yesterday this event took place.

When Singapore’s lovely Jessica Tan was battling it out with other beauties from across the globe.

The other contestants from the region were Malaysia’s Adeline Chin Ai Nee and Thailand’s Farung Yuthithum.

So, if you could turn back the clock to 2007, which of these three head turners would you choose to be crowned as Miss Universe?

Not an easy choice. Not easy at all…

Jessica Tan

Farung Yuthithum

Adeline Chin Ai Nee


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