Sunday, February 1, 2009

The fairytale story of Christy Yow

Christy Yow leaves her home in Ipoh to make her fortune in Singapore, because her father has told her the streets there are paved with gold. But along the way she is kidnapped by a crocodile who takes her to London, Vietnam, and Bangkok to promote the Crocodile brand. Luckily for Christy, however, the Lord Mayor of Singapore sees her photos and is so impressed that he asks her to do a photoshoot in the tropical resort island of Bali. But the cunning Lord Mayor then tricks her and sells the sexy photos to FHM Singapore which publishes them to much acclaim.

 Christy Yow FHM Singapore Christy Yow’s sexy FHM Singapore photoshoot

To restore her tarnished reputation in her homeland, lovely Christy returns to Malaysia and agrees to do a photoshoot for FHM Malaysia.

 Christy Yow FHM Malaysia

She covers up her huge 36C bust and the people of Malaysia forgive her and hail her as a heroine. She then gets married, has 10 kids, and votes UMNO for the rest of her life…

Note: any resemblance of this story to Dick Whittington is purely incoincidental


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