Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tengku Azura

Malaysia is a very conservative country.

And superstar performer Rihanna has been told to leave her skimpy outfits at home if she wants to get permission do to her upcoming show in the South East Asian country.

According to the government guidelines, a female performer must be covered from the top of her chest, including her shoulders, to her knees.

 Rihanna in New York Rihanna in New York: this will NOT be allowed in Malaysia

Her shoulders must be covered?!! To the knees?!!! Well, that’s not quite as bad as being forced to wear the burka admittedly, but you can understand why some foreign female performers have cancelled shows in the past (like Beyonce).

Luckily though, the rules don’t apply to models.

And thank God for that!!!

 Tengku Azura I can see your knees, Tengku!


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