Monday, December 5, 2011

Veena Malik’s naked madness for FHM India!!!


Veena Malik has done a nude cover for FHM India!!!

This is so bloody hilarious I can barely stop laughing!!

But maybe I should.

Because look what she’s got tattooed on her arm:

ISI. The Pakistani version of the CIA! Hahaha!

Well, you can bet the Pakistani “spy agency” doesn’t find the joke too funny.

But maybe they should.

Because maybe they DO spend a lot of time spying on topless young models like the sensational Veena Malik instead of doing the difficult work like chasing after potential terrorists and other dangerous people who are a threat to national security.

But we’ve got to be careful here.

FHM India taking the piss out of the ISI is one thing but we don’t want it worsening the always tense and fragile relations between India and Pakistan.

But hold on a minute…

Just look at this new photo released by FHM India.

Wow! This time Veena’s got a grenade in her right hand!!!

Way to go girl!!!

Amidst the intense furor created by this sensational photoshoot, the drop-dead gorgeous Veena now says that she denied posing in the nude for FHM India, claiming the photos must have been doctored in some way.

Yeah right. Either that or perhaps she just lost her memory!!!



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