Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Maria Ozawa (Miyabi) film hits the Indonesian big screen at last!!!!


At long last, Indonesians will finally get the chance to see ex-Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa on the big screen (but with her clothes on)

menculik miyabi not nude or terlanjang
Wow! She looks as alluring as ever, and this is sure to leave most Indonesians just craving for more.

But that’s no problem.

Cos they can always check out her impressive back catalogue which includes such classic films as Multiple Bl#ck R#pe, Shemale O#gy Gan#ba#g R#pe (with three transsexual actresses naturally), and the imaginatively named Monster Swallowing Ecstasy Maria Ozawa.

But not everyone is happy of course.

And as the Jakarta globe reports:

The chief of the Jakarta branch of the Islamic Defenders Front said on Wednesday that he would urge members of the hard line group to watch “Menculik Miyabi” (“Kidnapping Miyabi”) before declaring the local movie pornographic and raiding theaters.

“Miyabi is an international porn star. We still need to scrutinize the film,” Habib Salim said. “They say it’s a comedy. We have to see if this is true. It is not that we are being undermined, but if it’s true then we will do nothing.” He said he planned to watch the movie today or on Friday with his wife and 17-year-old son.

Hahah! I love that! Well I just hope they enjoy the film too!!!!!

 menculik miyabi not nude or terlanjang
Miyabi (Maria Ozawa) is set to thrill Indonesian audiences in her new film


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