Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kayden Nguyen: A sex toy?

This is hilarious.

Good old action man Steven Seagal is being sued by a former model (Kayden Nguyen) who claims he treated her as a "sex toy".

But apparently she wasn’t the only one (they never are, are they) and Seagal had a whole string of sexual servants who were on tap 24/7.

"Nguyen claims in her lawsuit that on three occasions Seagal "sexually assaulted" her with “forced contact” or “groping”.

But Seagal denies Kayden Nguyen’s claims are true and says he fired her for using illegal narcotics.

So is she a hottie? Well here are some bikini pics she did:

Kayden Nguyen sexy bikini picsOh My God! She just doesn't have a big enough rack! Face me at once girl!

Kayden Nguyen sexy bikini picsNow that's better!!!!!

But I wouldn't say she looked like a sex toy:

 sex toy!Would you? Hahaha!


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