Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clara Adheline Supit Binus nude photo scandal

Okay. Here’s the deal.

Your best friend tells you that her boyfriend is under a “magic spell” and the only way to break the spell is for him to see some nude pictures of a naked girl!

But not just any girl – the pictures must be you!

Of course if you had any brains you would just tell your best friend to go and jump in a lake.

But that’s not what Indonesia’s Clara Adheline Supit did.

Instead she complied with the request, taking some really raunchy pictures of herself, and then gave them to her best friend.

But as you’d expect it wasn’t long before the sizzling pics found their way into cyberspace.

Now if she had just shut up nothing probably would have happened. But instead she reported the case to the police, the media then got wind of the story, and she quickly became a media sensation with netizens in Indonesia and other countries eager to see her sexy, hot pictures.

Now that’s what I call magic!


Hi! My name is Clara Adheline Supit. Here is my picture:

 foto bugil nude mahasiswi binus Clara Adeline Supit
Beautiful yes? Want to see more? Okay deh!!!

 foto bugil nude mahasiswi binus Clara Adeline Supit
Clara takes off her clothes and causes a sensation in modest Indonesia


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