Monday, March 8, 2010

Wendy Chong and dating older guys

Hi girls. Wanna be happy? Well, get yourself an older guy. Not too old of course but just older. You know it makes sense…

And here are eight reasons why young women should date older guys:

1) Great times in bed. He knows what he’s doing from experience so let him thrill you (and older guys last longer too!!!)

2) He doesn’t stay out late. He got the club thing out of his system when he was younger and now just wants to spend his evenings cuddled up with you. How nice…

3) He’s very supportive. Unlike your selfish young punk boyfriend, the older guy is very supportive of your ambitions and happy to give you sound advice.

4) He has stuff (from earlier relationships that didn’t work out). Say hello to new bathroom towels, kitchen utensils, ornaments and other goodies!

5) He knows all sorts of cool shit you’ve never heard of. Get an education in classic movies like Midnight Cowboy and strange 70s music so you can impress your friends!

6) Pays his way… And yours! So many young punks don’t know how to treat a woman these days – sometimes they even expect you to pay at restaurants. Not so with an older guy – they always pay and NEVER make you feel guilty!

7) He pays you compliments. All the time! Older guys get a huge buzz being close to younger women. He will say how sexy you are about 200 times every day! And it really feels good to hear someone say that!

8) Older men are more likely to have a car. So say goodbye to boring bus rides. And one other thing: if you push the seats down, the car is also a good place to have @#%!! Hahaha!!!!!!!


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