Monday, October 12, 2009

Maria Ozawa (Miyabi) to visit Indonesia?

Japanese AV star Maria "Miyabi" Ozawa is apparently still heading to Indonesia on Wednesday to make a film.

Not an AV film mind you, but a comedy called Menculik Miyabi (kidnapping Miyabi).

Her planned visit has created a lot of interest and the country has basically split into two camps: 1) those who support her visit (her fans) and who are buying her very naughty DVDs in huge numbers and 2) the “moralists” who oppose her visit.

The good thing of course is that the moralists’ opposition to Miyabi’s visit is creating even more publicity for the sweet young thing and encouraging even more people to google her name on the internet to find out more info about her.

So well done Miyabi for visiting a South East Asian nation.

But can you come to Singapore next? :)

The Indonesians just can’t get enough of the lovely Maria Ozawa.

Stop press: news is just in that she may postpone her visit to Indonesia because of the protests. So much for law and order….


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