Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sue Ann Choo and Singapore's magic formula for maths

Ah. This is good to see -

Singapore has “shot up” in the global league tables for mathematics!

And how?

By dropping traditional methods from its maths lessons and getting children to be creative!

Indeed, according to the article in the Independent:

In the last Timms survey of maths and science standards in 49 countries, Singapore came first for science and second for maths. Since the scheme known as Singapore Maths was introduced in the 1990s, the nation has not only moved to the top but no longer has a tail of low achievers.

But what exactly is the creative teaching of maths anyway?

Well, apparently it’s got a lot to do with manipulating objects in the real world before any mathematical symbols are introduced:

"The concrete, pictorial, abstract method is very powerful because it helps children to visualise number and proportion. There is a huge emphasis on problem solving"

Ah of course.

And as perfectly illustrated by the wonderfully angular Sue Ann Choo in a mini maths test I have prepared.

Here’s an example for you, just to get you started…

 Sue Ann Choo

Easy, huh? Ok, so now try this: what angle is Sue Ann Choo demonstrating in the pose below?

 Sue Ann Choo

Yes of course! 90 degrees!! Quite simply the angle made from the intersection of her legs and back.

And this one?

 Sue Ann Choo

A bit more difficult huh? Well, that's because it's a bit of a trick question! But think logically and you will realise that the shape made is a complete circle - or a full 360 degrees (times two of course!)

Anyone could spot that!!! Couldn't they? Hahaha!!!!


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