Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rachel Maria Yanti and Barrack Obama

When it comes to female bums, shape is everything.

Not too big. And not too flat. And certainly not too saggy either.

Something like this perhaps:

Rachel Maria Yanti This fine butt belongs to Rachel Maria Yanti (24) and could have been crafted by the hand of God Himself.

But does she have the finest bum in Singapore? Well Sloggi certainly thinks so (she won the Sloggi Singapore “Bum Competition” back in September last year).

Yet her victory was not without controversy, and some think Fiona Teo’s well-rounded rear-end should have taken first prize instead (she came third).

So this year, the organizers of the event are coming under increasing pressure to call up some foreign experts to help them with the judging.

And why not indeed?

US President Barrack Obama gets some practice in at the G-8 summit in Italy. Will he help officiate the Sloggi 2009 Singapore “Bum Competition”? Time will only tell…


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