Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jocelyn Kau and how to give up smoking

Want to stop smoking?

Well now you can, with Quit-Now!

This revolutionary treatment features the audio recordings taken from all 25 of Gary Ng’s now-famous video performances on one extra-long playing compact disc!

How does it work?

The science behind the theory is simple but effective. By listening to the CD and having a cigarette at the same time, you'll start to feel really ill and associate the dirty sounds you hear on the CD with the dirty habit of smoking.

After a while – it varies from person to person, but is on average around 15 minutes – you will feel so sick that you will want to puke your guts out (so make sure you have a bucket nearby!)

This process is then repeated as many times as necessary so that your brain becomes hardwired to believe that smoking is the most disgusting thing there is.

The recording is 100% effective and is now being sold on the blogs of some of Singapore’s most famous sexy bloggers ® (who we are unable to mention here for legal reasons).

And the price? An incredibly low S$140!

Did I say S$140? Well no, actually I only meant S$40 - the kind and generous sexy bloggers have decided to give a huge discount to customers because of the economic crisis!

So don’t waste any time and get your CD today - before it’s too late!

Let’s hope the lovely Jocelyn Kau doen’t smoke in bed – it’s dangerous!


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