Sunday, May 3, 2009

Claire-Louise Jedrek and Deal or no Deal

A man bursts into his house and surprises his girlfriend, "Pack your bags Sue, I just won the lottery!"

She says, "Oh, wonderful! Should I pack for the beach or for the mountains?"

He replies, "I don't care ... Just get the hell out!"

Yep, he is kicking her out so he can get a younger and hotter model. Totally unfair but that’s life. This is no longer the 1920s when people fell in love and were happy with the simple things in life. No sir-ee, those days are long gone and now it is all about the money. Yeah you may call me a cynic but the signs are everywhere. Just look at the quiz shows on TV for example.

Like Deal or no Deal, in which the contestant stands to win anything from S$1 to S$250,000. In this quiz show there are 26 numbered boxes and they are held by 26 lovely girls. The message is simple: get lucky and you’ll get rich. And get a hotter chick.

Maybe someone like Claire-Louise Jedrek - a simply smoking hot babe who moved to Singapore when she was 12.

Claire-Louise Jedrek
She loves cats – which may be a good thing – but she is certainly no pussy herself and enjoys the dangers of extreme sports and motor sports.

A quarter of a million pounds... 26 identical sealed boxes... and no questions. Except one: Deal or No Deal?

I think I’ll deal please.

Claire Jedrek. Open the box…

Claire-Louise Jedrek Wow! Straight laced or risk taker? Lovely Claire seems to be both!

Complete list of the 26 Deal or No Deal girls
#1 - Julia Hodgkinson
#2 - Gayle Christee
#3 - Christabel Campbell
#4 - Aimee Thompson
#5 - Joanne Lopez
#6 - Vanessa Lim
#7 - Alessia Zuliani
#8 - Evangeline Tay
#9 - Jamie Lee Frankland
#10 - Colleen Pereira
#11 - Claire Jedrek
#12 - Amanda Low
#13 - Farhana Abbas
#14 - Zanetta Joan Sit Ying Li
#15 - Roshni Kaur Soin
#16 - Gwendolyn Wan
#17 - Adlina Adil
#18 - Lutfiah Abdul Jabbar
#19 - Rachel Doss
#20 - Hannah Lau
#21 - Velda Tan
#22 - Yan Kay Kay
#23 - Danielle Menon
#24 - Jasmine Paul
#25 - Crystal Shong
#26 - Elynn Koh Yee Ling


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