Sunday, April 19, 2009

What makes a good race queen? (and the 2009 Singapore F1 Grand Prix)

I must be honest here and say I’m not a big fan of F1. Too often it’s boring and the cars just go round and round without much happening. On many occasions you could just go away for 10 minutes and come back and not notice that anything has changed.

This is all very strange when you think about it because F1 cars are unbelievably fast and powerful machines. In fact, the down-force on a F1 car is so strong that it’s enough to lift manhole covers! In Monaco they have to weld them down; I wonder if they’ll do the same in Singapore?

But when it rains the sport gets exciting. The cars can’t grip the road and they skid around like crazy and crash into each other. That’s when F1 is worth watching and why I always pray for rain.

To make F1 more exciting, the race organizers make use of “Race Queens” (Pit Babes as they say in England). These smoking hot chicks are supposed to add a bit of excitement to proceedings and divert attention from the race itself (which is probably going to be quite boring anyway).

Last year the Singapore F1 organizers came in for some tremendous criticism for their choice of Race Queens:

Singapore race queensWhy the hell are their shoulders still covered?

And here by comparison were the Malaysian Race Queens for the Malaysian Grand Prix:

Malaysia Race QueensYep - the Singapore Race Queens are even less sexy than the Malaysian ones! How embarrassing!!!

So what can be learnt from this disaster so that this year’s Singapore F1 Grand Prix on September 27 is not a flop?

Well, first skimpy outfits should be worn:

race queens

And secondly the right girls need to be selected. Take a look at this Japanese Race Queen:

Race QueenShe makes a good Race Queen for two obvious reasons.

So who should the organizers choose as the Singaporean F1 Race Queens?

Well, what about the Maxim girls for a start?!!!


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