Monday, March 2, 2009

Lucinda Leong and Orchard Road

The most famous road in Singapore is called Orchard Road.

My favourite place on the strip must be the unpretentious Lucky Plaza. It has a slightly skuzzy feel to it, which is nice because it makes a change from the other malls that are mostly characterless blocks of modern mediocrity with lots of glass panes.

There are lots of girls on Orchard Road. And they walk surprisingly fast like they are on speed or something. Maybe they all have urgent meetings but I doubt it. Or perhaps they are just fast walkers with well made shoes.

It’s nice watching the girls here. Last Tuesday, as I sat on a bench four girls passed me – one after another – who, amazingly, were all wearing a yellow top! That made it my lucky day, and so I treated myself to some noodles at Lucky Plaza.

The next day though, as I watched the girls pass me, I counted four who passed me ALL wearing a black top. That made it a bad day – black is an unlucky colour - and so I immediately took the bus home.

But one thing I have never seen is a girl walk past wearing a bikini. Although incredibly enough, this did happen back in 2007 when the simply luscious Lucinda Leong walked down Orchard Road in a bikini having promised to do so if she won the FHM 2007 “girl next door” contest.

Anyone that saw her that day was obviously very lucky. But so are we – because her walk was captured on video for posterity! Enjoy my friends!!!


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