Monday, February 9, 2009

Xiaxue: Singapore’s greatest blogger ever?

Xiaxue claims on her blog that “everyone is reading it”.

But not me!

Now that’s not because I don’t want to read it –

- but because the homepage is so huge that it takes forever to load with the zillions of pictures it contains! Maybe it’s okay for Singaporeans with broadband access - but any visitors from dial-ups in places like Vietnam and Thailand are really going to be tearing out their hair in frustration.

Sure, her IT skills may not be her greatest strength – a hacker once deleted her posts by discovering her easily guessed password - but it doesn’t take a genius to change the settings to create a smaller homepage does it?

What was your password Xiaxue? It wasn’t … Xiaxue…. was it?

Even so, Xiaxue has gained something of a reputation over the years as Singapore’s premier blogger (circa 20,000 hits a day!) and has her fair share of both admirers and critics.
And she’s even been able to make a bit of money out of her hobby:

Xiaxue shows off her new gold tongue stud. But what exactly does she do with it?!! No – don’t answer that!

Note: make what you want of her writing but what is really sick are the ridiculous rumors and stories made up about the poor girl.

According to Wikipedia she is pregnant:

On 18th January 2009, Xiaxue revealed to Today, one of the local newspapers, that she was 2 months pregnant. "It was totally unexpected," the 24 year old exclaimed, "I thought of having a baby but never this early at this stage of my life."

And according to asiaone she is not even alive!

Netizen nousername said that Xiaxue was in Dallas, a city in Texas in the United States, when she met with an accident on a highway and died at the scene. The Netizen claimed that Xiaxue was the only person in the car when the accident happened, and that the blogger's site had not been updated since.

Believe this crap at your peril. Long live Xiaxue!!!!


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