Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nira Chan: the pros and cons of hitchhiking


Stand by the edge of the road, face the traffic, and then try to solicit a ride by giving the extended thumb gesture to passing motorists.

It’s a good way to save money and also make new friends, but still very rare in Singapore. In my six months here I’ve never seen it being done.

Why is this? Well, I guess that it could be that it’s illegal like other practices considered “deviant” such as chewing gum (yum) and oral sex (yum yum yum!), but let’s face it, the public transportation system is so good here and the distances so short that hitchhiking is never going to take off.

But how long would you have to wait if you did try and hitchhike in Singapore? Well that all depends of course. But not very long if you look like the lovely Nira Chan!!

The simply delectable Nira Chan waiting for “a ride”. Most would be willing to give her one. Would you?


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