Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nicole Chen: beauty with an earthy appeal

Miss Earth? What the heck is Miss Earth?

Yet another beauty contest of course!

But this one doesn’t get as much negative press coverage from the feminists as the others – not that it’s not known mind you – but because all the beautiful young ladies involved are committed to preserving the environment. Hence the name of the beauty pageant: Miss Earth.

Quite how these sexy young ladies are going to solve the world’s environmental problems - such as global warming, deforestation, overpopulation and pollution - isn’t made clear. Perhaps they are going to plant a tree for peace? Or wear bikinis made from recyclable fabrics?

But hey, it doesn’t really matter does it? Because at least they have their hearts – and bodies – in the right place.

Singapore’s contestant in 2007 was Nicole Chen, who although extremely talented, was unfortunately not among the winners.

But although young and hot, Nicole is not unfortunately that progressive and suggests that gays and lesbians are guilty of committing “sinful” acts.

But while Nicole may disapprove of “sinful” acts, she is hardly an angel herself – just look at this saucy picture:

Like many Singaporean celebs, Nicole Chen also has a blog. Hers is okay but it’s a pity she doesn’t know how to use paragraphs!

 Nicole Chen The lovely Nicole getting ready to write another blog post!! Hahaha!!!!


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