Monday, February 2, 2009

Joanne Peh is thinking too much!

In the last 10 years or so, many psychologists have encouraged the view that women shouldn’t be afraid to think deeply about themselves and the world around them like men do.

But now this view is being increasingly challenged.

And why?

Well, quite simply because women are thinking too much.

And it’s not doing them any good!

Just consider Joanne Peh.

Before she was a well balanced young girl of fine beauty.

 Joanne Peh
But then things went rapidly down hill when she started thinking too much. The poor girl even started a “thinking” blog called circusofjoy where she gives her philosophical views on literary greats like the famous English writer Oscar Wilde.

And the effect? Just devastating!

Just look at the picture below:

 Joanne Peh I think, therefore I am? Is there a God? What is beauty anyway?!!!!

But don’t panic Joanne. Because you can help yourself!

Stop thinking so much. Go back to your original blog and post more pictures of food and people and cats and things. And stop reading that homosexual deviant Oscar Wilde and read the Straits Times instead!


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