Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gui Xuesha: Singapore’s hottest girl?

This impossibly curvaceous babe has already set Singapore ablaze and she is flaming up other parts of the world as well after being named as Miss Maxim Singapore for 2007.

 Gui Xuesha

But who is Gui Xuesha? And what do we know about her?

Well, a visit to her personal website (*) suggests that there is more to this luscious Singaporean vixon than first meets the eye.

First of all, she likes to kiss other beautiful girls:

 Gui Xuesha It might be more enjoyable if you put your tongue in!

And she also likes to undertake dangerous modeling assignments:

 Gui Xuesha Watch out! There’s a train coming!!

Lovely Xuesha (just how do you pronounce her name?) also has a fabulous jewelry collection and she spends an inordinate amount of time turning her perfect fingernails into fancy objects of art.

Who wouldn’t like to have their back scratched by those?!!!

* Note to Gui Xuesha: Your website doesn’t do you justice my dear – the front page is far too large and takes forever to load!


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