Monday, January 26, 2009

Dawn Yang: crème de la crème

The cream always rises to the top.

So it’s little wonder that spunky Dawn Yang has become one of Singapore’s most celebrated bloggers. However, this is not because what she writes is particularly interesting but because she is so damn HOT and SEXY. And everybody likes to lick cream, don’t they?

But success creates resentment and Dawn Yang has come in for some pretty severe criticism in recent times.

Most famously, of course, are the allegations that she went under the scalpel to get her facial features improved – in particular her eyebrows which are now much more attractively angled. The evidence is compelling – judging by past photos – but that is still not the same as proof. But who cares anyway? Some people work out in the gym, others diet, and some visit the surgeon. Horses for courses, in my opinion. And as long as you have the money, why not, eh?

As for the hate blogs, they just raise her profile even more. Cos there ain’t such a thing as bad publicity is there?

One thing she should really change though is her nickname ClapBangKiss. This really makes her the sore butt of many stupid jokes:

#### her first. Then ### her. But watch out! You might get the ####!

And judging by what she writes on her blog, she also enjoys sex a lot:

I totally understand that teenagers with hormones raging and in the cusp of sexual awakening would find it difficult to refrain from making out. And honestly, we all ohhhhhh so enjoy making out don't we? :)

 Dawn Yang No not here! But I’ll carry you to the bedroom if you like :)


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