Monday, November 3, 2008

Sheena Sakia: too sexy!

There is a lot of bad blood between Japan and Korea. It goes back thousands of years and basically stems from the intense rivalry between the two Asian nations. Japan has also been the superpower in the region, and it has never been afraid to flex its muscles when dealing with other nations like Korea and China. Korea was annexed in 1910, and was not liberated until 1945 after Japan’s defeat in World War II. During this time, the Japanese didn’t exactly endear themselves to the Koreans and ruled with an iron fist. Lots of terrible things went on and for a Korean’s perspective on the atrocities, this blog is well worth checking out.

But times move on. And if there was ever better living proof that the two nations should make amends and get a lot more intimate it is Sheena Sakia, a young modelling sensation who is of both Japanese and Korean decent.

If fact, she is so stunning that she has just been kicked out of America’s Next Top Model contest for being too sexy!!

A bright future no doubt awaits her. And let’s hope the same can be said of Japanese-Korean relations as well!

Sheena Sakia

Sheena Sakia


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