Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nurul Farhana and tattoo removal

The luscious Singapore-based model Nurul Farhana was once a hot tattoo babe:

 Nurul Farhana

But not any longer!

Because she’s had the tattoos removed by laser. Yucks!

Now I know that we all make decisions that we later regret but why would Nirul want to get her tattoos removed?

I mean, if it was the tattooed name of a past lover or a really ugly tattoo then I could understand it. But her tattoos looked great! And now they are gone :(

In fact, the only real reason I can think of is that the tattoos somehow held her back in her career as a model. But is this really likely? After all, the smoking hot Celestina has an absolutely huge tattoo on her back and this hasn’t stopped her from becoming a modeling sensation and the winner of Singapore GND 2009.

Or could it be, perhaps, that Nurul simply wants her fans to focus on other things apart from her tattoos?

Well that won’t be a problem I can tell you! Hahaha!

 Nurul Farhana
Wow! Nurul Farhana shows she has more to offer than just tattoos!


It's because...She's muslim. And i guess that's what changed her mind and decided to remove the tattoos


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