Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zylia Yi Qin and a cheating partner

How do you know if your boyfriend or girlfriend is “getting it from somewhere else” – i.e. cheating on you?

Well, there are some obvious signs:

- a sudden decrease in romantic/sexual interest (doesn’t want to hold hands etc),
- unfamiliar scents on a partner (like perfume),
- greater secrecy – especially when using their handphone for example.

Or, in Zylia Yi Qin’s case, someone sending her a picture of her boyfriend, in, how should we say, a rather comprising position!


And Zylia Yi Qin’s reaction?

How would you feel if it was me kissing some guy? i don't care, but this is MY blog, so, yes I think she's a ****, a lot prettier and hotter than me, a lot more happening than me I presume, I concede defeat, really. And she cant rebut anything about this, saying I am wrong about her, I've put up with all the flirtatious crap she wrote to you while you're attached to me, if she isnt a **** then what is she?


The classic female response: jealousy and anger.

But should Zylia Yi Qin be so mad?

Well, I don’t think so.

So the **** was sending sexy messages to her boyfriend? Well, so what! I mean, if you date a good looking guy then you must rise to the challenge and do what you can to stop him from being seduced by other girls. Simply telling him not to go to parties will NOT please him at all. We are only young once, after all, and all men have got to party!

And another thing Zylia Yi Qin got wrong:

She doesn’t think she’s hot?!!!!

Just who the hell does she thing she’s kidding!

 Zylia Yi Qin Zylia Yi Qin puts on her sexy bedroom eyes!

 Zylia Yi Qin Down on all fours this bikini babe is ready to pounce!


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