Thursday, September 24, 2009

Felicia Lee: a tribute to a legend

It’s now been over a week and I’m still devastated over the senseless murder of Felicia Lee (known as Felicia Tang in the business).

The accused, like in most cases like this, is the person closest to the victim – in Felicia’s case her 45-year-old boyfriend Brian Lee Randone.

Quite why he would have wanted to strangle her to death is beyond anyone’s comprehension of course (presumably, it was in a fit of rage in which he completely lost his ability to act rationally).

But whatever the reason was, Felicia is now dead and Brian, if found guilty, will face the rest of his life in prison.

Quite insane when you think about. I mean there must be millions of men around the world who would think they were in Heaven if they had a girlfriend only half as sexy as Felicia. And here is someone ready to end the life of such a beautiful woman! And how old is this guy? 45!! And the lovely Felicia? Only 31! Why didn’t he realize he was onto a good thing and just keep it like that?

But what’s even more insane – and this I really couldn’t believe when I first read it – is that Brian Lee Randone is a self-styled Christian preacher (and less bizarrely perhaps, a former Fox reality star).

Now what is it that religion teaches us?

How about: “Thou shall not kill” for a start!!!

Felicia Lee – we love you and you will remain in our hearts for ever. I hope you have found a very special place in heaven, where I’m sure, you will shine like the brightest star. God bless you.

 Felicia Lee

 Felicia Lee

Felicia Lee

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