Thursday, July 2, 2009

Burger King, Joy Leng, whoppers and pole dancing

Have you seen the latest Burger King ad?

I’m sure you have.

But if you haven’t, here it is:

 Burger King

My God! What a mouthful! No wonder the poor girl in the ad looks so surprised.

And no wonder the ad leaves such a bad taste in the mouth!


As for who is behind the ad, this is where it gets interesting because:

a spokeswoman for Burger King, said the campaign was produced by a local Singaporean agency and not by the company's U.S. advertising firm, Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

But it certainly makes me wonder why they chose a theme which – let’s admit it – is still highly controversial in Singapore. Only this week the esteemed Straits Times reports that a man was jailed for “having unnatural sex with the underage girl at a multi-storey carpark at Boon Lay Drive in December 2005”.

Personally, I have never understood why oral sex is unnatural sex, but then again I probably wouldn’t use the idea to sell burgers either – delicious as it may be (the burgers, stupid!!!).

But then again maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised.

Singapore is now a sexually liberated country – far more so than our neighbors like Indonesia and Malaysia for example.

Hell, just look at the number of young girls we have cam whoring in this country and the sorts of sexy stories they are writing on their blogs. That says a lot I think about sexual attitudes in Singapore in the internet age.

But, I wonder, what would June Joy Leng make of all this?

For those of you who don’t know, Joy Leng is an extremely nubile lady who champions the benefits of pole dancing to provide a “sacred getaway from the stressful world we live in”.

Pole dancers all over world will be able to identify with the special relationship we all have with our dancing pole, she writes.

And she even has some tips on how to look after a “pole”:

- Ensure that the pole is secure and safe.
- Always keep the pole clean and dry.
- Your palms must be dry when pole dancing.
- Clean the pole often if you have sweaty palms.
- Work on building your arms muscles, legs muscles and abdominal muscles.
- Have a relationship with the pole. Learn how to grip the pole using your arms and legs.
- Get off the pole when in doubt or when you are rapidly losing strength.

I just wonder what pole she is talking about! Hahaha!

 Joy Leng The lovely Joy Leng loves to get her hands on a long stiff pole. But would she ask for a whopper at Burger King? Yum Yum Yum!!!!!!


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