Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kerenina Sunny Halim vs. Joanna Belle Ng

The Indonesian and Malaysian nations are always bickering over something. Until fairly recently it was heritage rights, maid torture and big brother arrogance.

But now it’s Manohara and the contested island of Ambalat.

It belongs to us.
No it doesn’t!
Yes it does.
No it doesn’t!
Let us have it or else!!!!! Waaaahhhhh!

But war ain’t good for nothing and peace is the only way. And, anyway, aren’t there better ways to resolve neighborly problems? Like a celebrity death match for example?

So bring on the newly-crowned beauties Miss Malaysia (Joanna Belle Ng) and Miss Indonesia (Kerenina Sunny Halim).

Miss Malaysia (Joanna Belle Ng)

Miss Indonesia (Kerenina Sunny Halim)

It’s your choice, but I know who I’m gonna pick!

But hold on a sec. Is that mortar fire overhead?

Crash!!!!! Bang!!!!!! Boom!!!!!!


Miss Indonesia is the winner, just going on looks. I don't know much about the two women.

Just wanted to say I thought this post was funny because of the "Waaaah!" you added in there.

My wife and I often make jokes about some horrible people we used to live with, since they were very whiny and annoying. We'll mockingly say things like:

"You won't hang out with us! Waaah!"

"You aren't impressed by our fancy clothes! Waaah!"

So, it was quite funny to see the same phrase used in your post.

Ah, and also it reminded me of how Malaysia and the Philippines were contesting sovereignty over the Sabah area, with Malaysia ultimately winning.

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