Monday, June 29, 2009

Evelyn Lee and not enough clothes

A man’s wife came home the other evening.

She entered the room and told him to take off her blouse.

And then she told him to take off her skirt.

And then she told him not to wear her clothes anymore!!!


But the man in this story was not a closet transvestite; he was actually so perplexed by his wife’s insatiable appetite for clothes that he started to wear his wife’s clothes to see if he could understand why she needed so many of them.

Because no matter how many clothes a woman has, she never has enough.

The reason for this (so I’ve been told) is that having a wide range of clothes “fits” the pattern of a woman’s brain, eliciting a range of emotions and feelings from each different outfit.

It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t actually wear the clothes – who needs 27 tank tops and 24 pairs of jeans? – but that when she opens the wardrobe she can see them. And so it goes on, the never ending quest to buy more clothes…

As for the wonderfully sexy Evelyn Lee, she also has lots of clothes.

Because the motto on her blog is “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”.

But hold on a sec…then she must be naked right?!!!!!

Wearing only a necklace…

Looking confused because she doesn’t know what to wear. Hmmm…..Shall I choose the black one or the white one?

And she’s chosen a very sexy black outfit!!


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