Monday, May 18, 2009

Joanne Yeoh: Malaysia’s sexy violinist

How do you keep a blonde busy for hours?

Scroll Down. --->

<----- Scroll Up.

Hahaha! Funny, but actually not true. Because while some blondes may be dumb, there is also persuasive evidence that blondes are no less intelligent than other women. Even if they do have large breasts.

It’s an interesting question though – why do people think that sexy, hot women - and especially blondes - are not intelligent?

Well, there is a reason. And it’s because blondes don’t need to be intelligent. What I mean by that is that if a woman is sexually and physically attractive then they can easily find a male partner to support them, meaning that they don’t have to make onerous investments in getting a good education and training (which many people believe you can only get if you are intelligent). Quite simply then, they know that they can find a successful guy to support them. So bottom line: why study hard to get a high paying job when you can simply take it easy and put your feet up?

But this is a shame in my opinion. Because there is nothing sexier than a beautiful women with brains - a perfect example being Joanne Yeoh, Malaysia’s virtuoso violin player who has the curves in all the right places:

Joanne Yeoh

Just look at those lines! (and it isn’t the violin I’m talking about either!)

It isn’t clear from her website if she has a boyfriend or not, but she must have many suitors I reckon...

 Joanne Yeoh it's just as well that she has that bow of hers to keep them at bay! Hahaha!


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