Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sixthbane and blind dates

"Hi David, it's me Sue. Guess what? I finally got you a date. Yeah, I'm paying this girl to go out with you! Are you still there? Hello? HELLO?!!!!!!!"

A lot of guys shy away from blind dates. They don't want to waste their time with a woman they haven't seen.

Most blind dates are now done over the internet – where else? – and after getting to “know” someone online (is that possible?) you arrange to meet them.

But such dates are fraught with risks.

Yes she could be a real hottie, but equally well she might look worse than your grandmother.

And as for people who “meet” online just to arrange sex, that’s even more dangerous (for all you know, she might be some sort of psychopathic monster who wants to peel off your skin with a carving knife – or even, God forbid, videotape your bedroom antics before posting the video up on the net for the whole world to see (are you reading this Gary Ng?)

Far safer is to have a blind date with one of your friend’s friends.

I’ve got a few pretty friends myself and I’ve had some good times going on blind dates with their friends. Some of them turned out to be quite weird, but I had great times with some of the others. And who knows? If you’re really lucky you might even get to have a blind date with someone as lovely as the lady who writes on Sixthbane.

 Sixthbane No dear, a blind date doesn’t mean you have to be blind! So stop being silly and open up your eyes at once!

Arr that’s better. But your T shirt – do the letters mean what I think they mean? Oh my God! I’m not sure if this blind date was a good idea after all! Help!!!!!!!!!!!


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