Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jenny Chu and Show East are too hot for Singapore!!

There’s a report in the The Electric New Paper that the Singapore authorities have ordered copies of the imported US magazine Show East to be taken off the shelves:

Describing its content as 'exploitative noodity', the MDA has also asked its distributor, Allscript Establishment, to explain why it was brought into Singapore.

The all-colour 146-page magazine, which is published in the US, is almost entirely made up of scantuly dressed women, with little editorial content.

But is Show East really that saucy?

Well, I had to find out. So off I went to see if I could get myself a copy.

No luck at first. But not to be disheartened! Because persistence always wins over in the end.

And so it proved after I located a copy of the magazine in a small store in the Upper Bukit Timah area. The middle-aged woman behind the counter gave me that “you dirty young man” look as I handed over a $20 bill. But I didn’t care. I’ve had that before (try buying CDs or KY jelly and see the reaction). In fact, I was so elated at my success in finding the magazine that I even told the woman to keep the change! That shut her up. People just don’t tip newsagents like that anymore.

As for Show East, make your own mind up. But don’t get too steamed up okay!

show east, Jenny Chu
Too hot for Singapore? The curvatous Jenny Chu.


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