Sunday, March 15, 2009

Revenge for Janice Tan?

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”
>Oscar Wilde

Sometimes Singapore’s sexy bloggers ® write a lot of boring rubbish, but they can also be funny as well. Just like Janice Tan, who in her latest blog post says that her mate Celestina wrote to her saying that – wait for it – Janice’s photos have been misused by a social escort agency!!

A social escort agency? Well we all know what that is of course!

And Janice’s reaction?

I do not provide any services of this nature.

Hahaha! Well, I should jolly well hope not!!

But lovely Janice doesn’t stop there. Because despite her problems she also appears to be revelling in the misfortunes of Jenna Chan whose nude photos have been leaked online. Janice writes:

Warning: Nudity Involved
Then there is this page that i would love to share: ##censored##

and here comes karma. Back then, even though i knew people were flaming me on forums and stuff i chose to remain silent. Now i can openly tell everyone the reason that i didnt retaliate is not because i am afraid of them or whatsoever, i just do not want to stoop to their level cause i know i'll still have the last laugh in the end :)

WTF! But does Janice Tan really have the last laugh? Well I think not. Cos if Jenna Chan was really bothered about people seeing her nude she wouldn’t have had the nude photos done in the first place.

Now that should give Janice food for thought – although judging by the pictures posted on her blog she doesn’t exactly have the best taste in haute cuisine herself. Just look at this:

What the hell is that Janice? Looks more like a, er, road accident to me. Don’t eat it or you’ll get yourself sick!

 Janice Tan What did I tell you!! It looks like you need to go to the lavatory really badly!

 Janice Tan Hey! What are you doing here! I know I said the lavatory – but I didn’t mean the men’s lavatory! Go on – go and lie down…

 Janice Tan Arr, don’t you feel better now?


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