Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kanny Theng: on cats and dogs

Okay. Here’s a question for you. Is it a good idea to date a Singaporean woman with a pet cat (or cats)? Well, a lot of people say NO (especially if the woman is in her 30s or older).

But I disagree. Because it’s better than dating a woman with a pet dog (or dogs)!

So what’s wrong with dogs you say? Well, they are not independent like cats for a start. You have to take them out for walks and clean up their shit. And guess who she will ask to do that? YOU of course!

Not only is this a pain in the arse and a bore but it can also be embarrassing. And especially if the woman you are dating is really hot. Why is that you ask? Well, for the very simple reason that sexy women tend to have small and cute dogs while ugly women have big, fierce dogs. “Like owner like dog”, you could say.

Just take a look at Kanny Theng for example:

 Kanny Theng

Sexy as hell, right? And now take a look at her dog:

cute dogWoof Woof! I bet that’s one dog that loves licking its owner!! Hahaha! Down boy, Down!!!!


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